Miss Powers' journey into the world of movement and body awareness came from an unlikely start in competitive powerlifting/CrossFit, from the time she was 12 until she graduated high-school. This path lead her to Seattle, where she attended Bastyr University for her Bachelors of Exercise Science and Wellness. Once in Seattle, Miss Powers quickly fell down the rabbit hole of circus arts and the connected community.

After wanting to be a dancer her whole life but never having the courage to get started as a teenager, she finally dove into all things movement and expression related. From ecstatic dance to endless hours of dancing in her living room, fire jams and circus jams, countless failed explorations, and a handful of classes- Miss Powers finally began living out her true dreams. 

By the time she reached the end of her bachelors program in 2017, it was apparent to Miss Powers that she wanted to shape her life around performing arts, and finished off the year with an internship at Emerald City Trapeze to further her current knowledge and gain understanding about the process of shifting from hobbyist to professional.

Festivals and BEYOND

By summer of 2019, Miss Powers began her leap into the world of festival performance. With multiple full length productions between dance troupes, personal projects, and group improv efforts, she was lucky enough to perform at Electric Daisy Carnival in Las Vegas, Cascadia, Expansion, and Imagine in Washington state, Oregon Country Fair in Oregon, Burning Man in Nevada, and Shambhala in B.C. Canada.

With this experience under her belt, Miss Powers broadened her aims to costume creation, performance directing, and mentorship. Since festival season, she has been growing her experience with coaching others in expressing their authentic flow, and bringing wholistic, immersive  performance art to large scale events and parties. 


The transition from hobbyist to professional performing artist began with the event production company WAVES Presents, where she stepped on as the sole performer. She then performed with a number of local musicians and smaller corporate events while honing in her craft before expanding to troupes and large companies in 2018. 

Miss Powers began collaborating with Seattle based troupes Creatrix and CircusWerks, then auditioned and joined Seattle Based Tonic Tribe, and Portland Based Feral Dance Crew.

Through these troupes and personal networks, Miss Powers began performing at larger scale corporate events, nightclubs (such as Q Nightclub, Trinity Nightclub, and Fred Wildlife Refuge), festivals (see below), and various collaborative art performances. After a year of developing herself as a performer, her standing collaboration as the lead of entertainment for WAVES Presents transformed into the position of Performance Director she held for the duration of the company.