Nothing sparks buzz and intrigue quite like a fire performance! Add a little adrenaline and heart racing excitement to your wedding, corporate event, party, or festival! Miss Powers has been fire dancing for over 5 years, and is professionally insured. 

Fire performances can add ambiance, extra pizzaz to a musical set as a freestyle, or could be turned into a larger, multi prop show.


Wow audiences with the gravity defying strength and grace displayed in  an aerial performance! Miss Powers is trained in aerial hoop, aerial cube, and aerial moon (pictured).  

Available as longer ambient sets, champagne pouring, and show stopping choreographed performances! 


Miss Powers is trained in the art of silk veil fans, and has also been seen creating unique performances with props such as:

  • parasols

  • folding fans

  • top hats

  • whips

... and the list goes on!

 The sky is the limit! This option is great for themed events, and can be highly customized to fit any atmosphere!


Prop manipulation works great as a choreographed act or as ambient/roving.


As a member of three different dance troupes, Miss Powers has picked up a number of different styles and techniques . Here are some examples of the many different ways she has added the power of dance performance to events: 

  • Go-Go dancing at EDM shows

  • 20’s Flapper dancing 

  • 60’s/70’s style Go-Go dancing

  • Full length choreographed productions with hip hop, contemporary styles, heels/burlesque, etc.

  • Flash Mobs

  • Choreographed and freestyle expression based solos


Dancing can be incorporated into your event alongside live music performances, as ambiance, or as full choreographed performances.

Bliss Tyler Hill.jpg




Character acting is the perfect way to sell any theme! Through costuming, improv banter, and stylized movements and acting, Miss Powers can sell any character that might live in the world of your event! Some examples of past characters she has portrayed are:

  • Femme-bot (robot)

  • Flapper/Showgirl

  • Creepy Halloween Joker

  • Outer Space Creatures 

... and many more!


Characters work great as roving creatures or stationed at entrances/info booths/photo booths



Miss Powers has been involved in creating many full performance art experiences for various festivals, events, and gatherings! This includes hiring performers, creating costuming to fit specific themes, and dreaming up creative ways to include interactive performance art in the given parameters. She has also collaborated with a myriad of skilled  performers of all disciplines, costume designers, visual artists, and more to bring complex visions to life. 


Allow Miss Powers to curate a one of a kind performance art experience for your next event, so you don’t have to sweat the little details!


Miss Powers has a bachelors degree in Exercise Science and Wellness from Bastyr University, and has spent the last 5 years dedicating her life to becoming a  professional performing artist with no prior background in dance. This has been done through countless hours of personal research, exploration, play based practice, and outside instruction. 


With this background, Miss Powers is well equipped to provide guidance and tools to anyone seeking to begin dancing, deepen their personal dance practice, or form a stronger connection to their personal voice and authentic movement. 


The Empowerment Method Blog contains a wealth of insight to begin this work on your own. The Empowerment Project Patreon contains practical, hands on exercises to progress this work. 


But nothing will beat the experience of one on one or group setting instruction. These lessons can be structured to fit your specific needs, or can follow the previously laid foundations of past workshops. Virtual sessions are available.